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This is a list of Coast Guard cutters currently in active duty service. Text that is clickable is linked to another page on this site.

High Endurance Cutters

USCGC Hamilton    WHEC-715 
USCGC Dallas      WHEC-716           
USCGC Mellon      WHEC-717 
USCGC Chase       WHEC-718 
USCGC Boutwell    WHEC-719        
USCGC Sherman     WHEC-720            
USCGC Gallatin    WHEC-721            
USCGC Morgenthau  WHEC-722            
USCGC Rush        WHEC-723          
USCGC Munro       WHEC-724          
USCGC Jarvis      WHEC-725          
USCGC Midgett     WHEC-726         

Medium Endurance Cutters

USCGC Alex Haley    WMEC-39

USCGC Bear          WMEC-901                
USCGC Tampa         WMEC-902        
USCGC Harriet Lane  WMEC-903         
USCGC Northland     WMEC-904        
USCGC Spencer       WMEC-905        
USCGC Seneca        WMEC-906       
USCGC Escanaba      WMEC-907      
USCGC Tahoma        WMEC-908        
USCGC Cambell       WMEC-909        
USCGC Thetis        WMEC-910        
USCGC Forward       WMEC-911        
USCGC Legare        WMEC-912        
USCGC Mohawk        WMEC-913

USCGC Reliance      WMEC-615        
USCGC Diligence     WMEC-616        
USCGC Vigilant      WMEC-617       
USCGC Active        WMEC-618        
USCGC Confidence    WMEC-619        
USCGC Resolute      WMEC-620        
USCGC Valiant       WMEC-621        
USCGC Courageous    WMEC-622        
USCGC Steadfast     WMEC-623        
USCGC Dauntless     WMEC-624        
USCGC Venturous     WMEC-625       
USCGC Dependable    WMEC-626       
USCGC Vigorous      WMEC-627        
USCGC Durable       WMEC-628        
USCGC Decisive      WMEC-629        
USCGC Alert         WMEC-630        

USCGC Acushnet      WMEC-167        

USCGC Storis        WMEC-38    

USCGC Vindicator    T-AGOS 3
USCGC Persistent    T-AGOS 6   

Patrol Boats

USCGC Farallon           WPB 1301              
USCGC Manitou            WPB 1302                 
USCGC Matagorda          WPB 1303              
USCGC Maui               WPB 1304                   
USCGC Monhegan           WPB 1305                
USCGC Nunivak            WPB 1306                 
USCGC Ocracoke           WPB 1307                
USCGC Vashon             WPB 1308                 
USCGC Aquidneck          WPB 1309              
USCGC Mustang            WPB 1310                
USCGC Naushon            WPB 1311                 
USCGC Sanibel            WPB 1312                 
USCGC Edisto             WPB 1313                
USCGC Sapelo             WPB 1314                  
USCGC Matinicus          WPB 1315              
USCGC Nantucket          WPB 1316  
USCGC Attu               WPB 1317                  
USCGC Baranof            WPB 1318                
USCGC Chandeleur         WPB 1319              
USCGC Chincoteague       WPB 1320            
USCGC Cushing            WPB 1321                
USCGC Cuttyhunk          WPB 1322               
USCGC Drummond           WPB 1323               
USCGC Key Largo          WPB 1324  
USCGC Metomkin           WPB 1325               
USCGC Monomoy            WPB 1326                
USCGC Orcas              WPB 1327                   
USCGC Padre              WPB 1328  
USCGC Sitkinak           WPB 1329              
USCGC Tybee              WPB 1330                  
USCGC Washington         WPB 1331             
USCGC Wrangell           WPB 1332                
USCGC Adak               WPB 1333                    
USCGC Liberty            WPB 1334                	
USCGC Anacapa            WPB 1335  
USCGC Kiska              WPB 1336                  
USCGC Assateague         WPB 1337             
USCGC Grand Isle         WPB 1338  
USCGC Key Biscayne       WPB 1339  
USCGC Jefferson Island   WPB 1340  
USCGC Kodiak Island      WPB 1341  
USCGC Long Island        WPB 1342  
USCGC Bainbridge Island  WPB 1343  
USCGC Block Island       WPB 1344  
USCGC Staten Island      WPB 1345  
USCGC Roanoke Island     WPB 1346  
USCGC Pea Island         WPB 1347  
USCGC Knight Island      WPB 1348  
USCGC Galveston Island   WPB 1349  

USCGC Barracuda          WPB 87301		
USCGC Hammerhead         WPB 87302		
USCGC Mako               WPB 87303			
USCGC Marlin             WPB 87304			
USCGC Stingray           WPB 87305		
USCGC Dorado             WPB 87306			
USCGC Osprey             WPB 87307		
USCGC Chinook            WPB 87308		
USCGC Albacore           WPB 87309		
USCGC Tarpon             WPB 87310			
USCGC Cobia              WPB 87311			
USCGC Hawkbill           WPB 87312		
USCGC Cormorant          WPB 87313		
USCGC Finback            WPB 87314			
USCGC Amberjack          WPB 87315		
USCGC Kittiwake          WPB 87316		
USCGC Blackfin           WPB 87317		
USCGC Bluefin            WPB 87318		
USCGC Yellowfin          WPB 87319		
USCGC Manta              WPB 87320			
USCGC Coho               WPB 87321			
USCGC Kingfisher         WPB 87322	building (7/00?)
USCGC Seahawk	         WPB 87323	building (8/00?)
USCGC Steelhead          WPB 87324	building (9/00?)
USCGC Beluga             WPB 87325	building 
USCGC Blacktip           WPB 87326	building 
USCGC Pelican	         WPB 87327	building 
USCGC Ridley             WPB 87328	building 
USCGC Man-O-War          WPB 87329	ordered
USCGC Moray              WPB 87330	ordered
USCGC Pelican	         WPB 87331	ordered
USCGC Adelie             WPB 87332	ordered
USCGC Gannet             WPB 87333	ordered
USCGC Narwhal            WPB 87334	ordered	
USCGC Sturgeon           WPB 87335	ordered
USCGC Sockeye            WPB 87336	ordered
USCGC Irbis              WPB 87337	ordered
USCGC Pompano            WPB 87338	ordered
USCGC Halibut            WPB 87339	ordered
USCGC Bonito             WPB 87340	ordered
USCGC Shrike             WPB 87341	ordered
USCGC Tern               WPB 87342	ordered	
USCGC Hern               WPB 87343	ordered
USCGC Wahoo              WPB 87344	ordered
USCGC Flying Fish        WPB 87345	ordered
USCGC Haddock            WPB 87346	ordered
USCGC Brant              WPB 87347	ordered
USCGC Shearwater         WPB 87348	ordered
USCGC Petrel             WPB 87349	ordered

USCGC Point Glass        WPB 82336  decom in 5/2001
USCGC Point Bridge       WPB 82338  decom in 10/2001
USCGC Point Chico        WPB 82339  decom in 7/2001	
USCGC Point Wells        WPB 82343  decom in 10/2000
USCGC Point Bonita       WPB 82347  decom in 11/2000
USCGC Point Spencer      WPB 82349  decom in 10/2000
USCGC Point Sal          WPB 82352  decom in 6/2001
USCGC Point Hannon       WPB 83355  decom in 1/2001
USCGC Point Stuart       WPB 82358  decom in 5/2001
USCGC Point Winslow      WPB 82360  decom in 9/2000
USCGC Point Lobos        WPB 82366  decom in 11/2001
USCGC Point Brower       WPB 82372  decom in 12/2001
USCGC Point Carrew       WPB 82374  decom in 8/2000
USCGC Point Doran	 WPB 82375  decom in 3/2001


USCGC Healy             WAGB 20 	

USCGC Polar Star        WAGB 10 
USCGC Polar Sea         WAGB 11 

USCGC Mackinaw          WAGB 83 

Training Ships

USCGB Eagle             WIX 327 

USCGC Gentian           WIX 290		                

Seagoing & Coastal Buoy Tenders

USCGC Juniper          WLB 201                  
USCGC Willow           WLB 202                  
USCGC Kukui            WLB 203                   
USCGC Elm              WLB 204  
USCGC Walnut           WLB 205                  
USCGC Spar             WLB 206 	building-1/2001
USCGC Maple            WLB 207  building-3/2001
USCGC Aspen            WLB 208  building-6/2001
USCGC Sycamore         WLB 209 	building-9/2001
USCGC Cypress          WLB 210  ordered
USCGC Oak              WLB 211  ordered
USCGC Hickory          WLB 212  ordered
USCGC Fir              WLB 213 	ordered
USCGC Sequoia          WLB 214  ordered
USCGC Hollyhock        WLB 215  ordered
USCGC Alder            WLB 216  ordered

USCGC Cowslip          WLB 277                 
USCGC Ironwood         WLB 297 
USCGC Conifer          WLB 301                 
USCGC Madrona          WLB 302                  
USCGC Buttonwood       WLB 306              
USCGC Sweetgum         WLB 309                 	
USCGC Bramble          WLB 392                  
USCGC Firebush         WLB 393                 
USCGC Mariposa         WLB 397                 
USCGC Sassafras        WLB 401                
USCGC Sedge            WLB 402                    
USCGC Sundew           WLB 404                   
USCGC Sweetbrier       WLB 405              
USCGC Acacia           WLB 406                   
USCGC Woodrush         WLB 407                

USCGC Ida Lewis        WLM 551 
USCGC Katherine Walker WLM 552 	
USCGC Abbie Burgess    WLM 553 	
USCGC Marcus Hanna     WLM 554 
USCGC James Rankin     WLM 555 	
USCGC Joshua Appleby   WLM 556 			
USCGC Frank Drew       WLM 557 			
USCGC Anthony Petit    WLM 558 			
USCGC Barbara Mabrity  WLM 559 		
USCGC William Tate     WLM 560 		
USCGC Harry Claiborne  WLM 561 	
USCGC Maria Bray       WLM 562 		
USCGC Henry Blake      WLM 563
USCGC George Cobb      WLM 564 8/2000-building

USCGC White Sumac      WLM 540 

Inland & River Tenders

USCGC Pamlico          WLIC 800 
USCGC Hudson           WLIC 801 
USCGC Kennebec         WLIC 802                
USCGC Saginaw          WLIC 803                 

USCGC Buckthorn        WLI 642 

USCGC Bluebell         WLI 313  

USCGC Kankakee         WLR 75500  
USCGC Greenbrier       WLR 75501  

USCGC Anvil            WLIC 75301  
USCGC Hammer           WLIC 75302  
USCGC Sledge           WLIC 75303  
USCGC Mallet           WLIC 75304                
USCGC Vise             WLIC 75305                  
USCGC Clamp            WLIC 75306                 
USCGC Wedge            WLIC 75307                 
USCGC Hatchet          WLIC 75309               
USCGC Axe              WLIC 75310                  

USCGC Ouachita         WLR 65501               
USCGC Cimarron         WLR 65502               
USCGC Obion            WLR 65503                  
USCGC Scioto           WLR 65504                 
USCGC Osage            WLR 65505                  
USCGC Sangamon         WLR 65506  

USCGC Gasconade        WLR 75401              
USCGC Muskingum        WLR 75402             
USCGC Wyaconda         WLR 74503               
USCGC Chippewa         WLR 74504               
USCGC Cheyenne         WLR 74505  
USCGC Kickapoo         WLR 74506  
USCGC Kanawha          WLR 74507                
USCGC Patoka           WLR 74508                
USCGC Chena            WLR 75409                  

USCGC Bayberry         WLI 65400  
USCGC Elderberry       WLI 65401  

USCGC Blackberry       WLI 65303             
USCGC Chokeberry       WLI 65304             


USCGC Katami Bay       WTGB 101 
USCGC Bristol Bay      WTGB 102 
USCGC Mobile Bay       WTGB 103 
USCGC Biscayne Bay     WTGB 104 
USCGC Neah Bay         WTGB 105 
USCGC Penobscot Bay    WTGB 107 
USCGC Thunder Bay      WTGB 108 
USCGC Sturgeon Bay     WTGB 109 

USCGC Edenshaw	       WYTB 108752

USCGC Capstan          WYTL 65601              
USCGC Tackle           WYTL 65604               
USCGC Bridle           WYTL 65607                
USCGC Pendant          WYTL 65608               
USCGC Shackle          WYTL 65609               
USCGC Hawser           WYTL 65610 
USCGC Line             WYTL 65611 
USCGC Wire             WYTL 65612                  
USCGC Bollard          WYTL 65614              
USCGC Cleat            WYTL 65615                 

Small Craft

64 ft. Buoy Boats (5)--new construction to replace old craft
56 ft Cable Repair Craft (1)--converted LCM(6), #560500
(25)--small buoy tenders, #55101-55125. 
(4)--very large self-righting lifeboats, built specially for the Columbia River,
#52312-52315. Named Victory, Invincible, Trimuph II, Intrepid, respectively.
(1)--custom-built experimental boat.
49 ft Buoy Boats (5+33)--new boats to replace old 45/46 foot buoy boats
 (building)--140 boats planned to replace 44 ft boats, to double the speed of the old boats,#47200+46 ft Oil-Spill Cleanup Boat (1)--custom-built oil skimmer
46 ft Buoy Boats (9)--small buoy tenders, #46301-46309
45 ft Aids-to-Navigation boats (32)--small buoy tenders, #45302-45333
(75)--self-righting unsinkable motor lifeboats, #44300-44409 (33 discarded, 2 wrecked)
(207)--fast utility/rescue boats, #41300-41448
(4)--high speed anti-drug interceptors, #43502-43505 
38 ft Utility Boat (2)--fast utility craft, #380501-380502
32 ft Ports and Waterways Boats (200+)--utility/patrol craft, #32301...
31 ft Port Security Boats (28)--mostly used for training, #31001-31028
(19)--self-righting rescue boats, #30201-30219
28 ft Patrol Boat (1)--used on Lake Champlain
28 ft RHIB rescue craft (4)--fast beachable, unsinkable rescue boats
27 ft Boston Whalers (few)--high speed rescue/utility craft
26 ft Personnel Launch (1)--utility boat for Honolulu, #266200
26 ft Surf Boats (45+10)--replacements for 25 ft. craft
25 ft Surf Boats (206)--surf rescue craft, #253301-253507
25 ft Cargo Boats (41)--cargo/utility craft
25 ft Boston Whalers (few)--high speed rescue/utility craft, #252501...
24 ft Boston Whalers (few)--high speed rescue craft
24 ft Hammerhead Rescue Boats (2)--high speed boats for Lake Tahoe
 (24)--modified Boston Whalers, armed for port security duties, #233510-233524
22 ft Boston Whalers (??)--40 knot rescue and utility craft
21 ft SAR Boats (18)--high speed SAR craft
21 ft RHIB SAR Boats (??)--high speed SAR craft
21 ft Aid-to-Navigation Boats (58)--fast utility craft
19 ft RHIB SAR Boats (few)--fast rescue craft
18 ft Buoy Boats (38)--fast utility craft
LARC V type amphibian rescue vehicles (2)