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USCG CUTTERSHere you will find thumbnails of Coast Guard Cutter patches. Click on a patch and it will bring you to another page that shows a larger picture of the patch, information about the cutter, and a picture of the ship (if available)
USCG LAND UNITSSimilar to above, but has land units, such as Air Stations, Small Boat Stations, MSO's, ECT...
USCG OTHERSimilar to above pages, but has non-unit specific patches.
USN SHIPSSimilar to the above Coast Guard pages, but with USN Ships.
USN AVIATIONSame as above pages, but with USN Airwings.
USN OTHERSame as above pages, but with non-unit specific patches.
ACTIVE CUTTERSThis is a text list of all USCG Cutters in active service.
COLUMBUS REUNIONHere you will find photos from the USS Columbus 1999 Reunion.
DAD'S USN PHOTOSMy father has taken some pictures of the USS Columbus and USS Des Moines and enhanced them with color and new scenery. Pretty cool.
USS COLUMBUS CA-74Here you will find over 60 photographs, most taken by my father while he was assigned to the USS Columbus in the early 1950's.
USS SALEM CA-139This is my pictorial walkthrough of the heavy cruiser, USS Salem. There are over 70 photos!!!!
LINKSLinks to some really great sites.