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11/12- Posted 4 new Coast Guard patches.
USCGC Active
USCGC Biscayne Bay, newer patch
USCGC Chase, Vietnam patch
USCGC Citrus

10/22- Posted 4 additional Coast Guard Cutter patches and another page to the USS Columbus section with 4 new photos. Added links to homepages of the USCGC Bear, Harriet Lane, Tampa, and Thetis.
USCGC Biscayne Bay
USCGC Hornbeam
USCGC Mariposa
USCGC Midgett
USS Columbus Page 7

9/24- Posted 4 more Coast Guard Cutter patches with photos. They are:
USCGC Aquidneck
USCGC Hamilton
USCGC Mackinaw
USCGC Salvia

9/2- I have added a new section. This is a pictorial walkthrough of the USS Salem, which is located in Quincy, Mass. There are over 70 photos for you to view.
USS Salem walkthrough

8/14- Posted 6 more Coast Guard patches with photos. They are:
USCGC Chippewa
USCGC Jefferson Island
Air Station Cape Cod
Air Station Elizabeth City
MSO Boston
USCG Sea Veterans

8/11- Added more pictures to the USS Columbus page.
USS Columbus CA-74 Pages

8/6- I have created a new section to the site, the USS Columbus CA-74 Page. There you can find over 50 pictures spread out over 6 pages taken in the early 50's by my father.
USS Columbus CA-74 Pages

7/30- I have added 3 more cutter pages to the site. With that, I have broken down the cutter start page into 2 pages. As I add patches, this will speed up upload time, as I will only have 20 thumbnails per page. I also have put the name of the cutter underneath the thumbnail. The added cutters are:
USCGC Bramble

7/26- A new page has been added to the site. It is a list of all the active U.S. Coast Guard Cutters w/ their names and hull numbers. I have hyperlinked the text of any cutter that has a page on this site. You can click on the cutter's name and it'll bring you to that page. I have plans of doing a similar page for decommissioned cutters and possibly USN ships. I will be adding more patches shortly.

7/24- I have added 4 more pictures to my Dad's USN photos page. Since there are now 11 pictures, I have broken it down into 2 pages, so the loading time will be a little less. At the bottom of the first page there is a link to the 2nd page, where the back to the homepage link is.

7/23- I have added 3 more cutters to the USCG Cutters page. I also realize that some might experience a bit of a load time with all the thumbnails on one page. I will be making multiple pages and have only 15-20 thumbs per page. This should speed things up a bit. The additions are:

USCGC Gasconade
USCGC Katmai Bay
USCGC Smilax

7/22- Ok, I'm a little behind setting this page up, but this is where you can find out what has been added, changed, or whatever. I have activated the links page this morning, so all the links on the menu are active. More stuff will be added soon, so keep checking back.